kydive Superior, located in in the Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior offers you a chance to experience jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! The sensation of flying 120 mph through the atmosphere is a uniquely exhilarating, yet peaceful feeling all its own. Schedule your weekend getaway and come Skydive Superior!

Why do people go skydiving? Skydivers know why the birds sing – “Because they can fly!” Skydiving has changed and improved dramatically in recent years, yet most people have not had any exposure to the sport and often only think of skydiving as “jumping from an airplane and hopefully surviving” a landing. In the world of modern skydiving, soft landings are an easy accomplishment. In fact, all the fun and satisfaction that happens between jumping and landing is an experience that defies description!

You can try a tandem parachute jump for your “bucket list,” or a solo Accelerated Freefall (AFF) for you extreme extremists!